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Blockchain-based verified identity key for the digital future.


A secure, standardised and open identity management solution built on a permissioned blockchain, backed by governments and businesses. Providing individuals with a verified digital identity, while empowering them to have perfect overview of their personal information and control of data sharing agreements. 





Government Blockchain Association Hackathon


Each Hackathon will follow our monthly meetup themes.

Teams of 3-4 people will race over one day to solve a Government specific issue using Blockchain technology.

Our first Hackathon will be about Supply chain and will occur on the 30th of April

At the end of the Challenge, teams will pitch in 5 minutes their solutions - the top 20% teams will be announced on the day.


Top 20% teams:

The top 20% teams will be invited to a "Dragons Den" like panel for a shooting to present their solution to a prestigious panel composed of Government representative, Blockchain and Industry Experts which will pick the winning team.

A 5 minutes video featuring the 3 finalist will be produced from that shooting and released on social medias and in our youtube channel


Winning team:

- A (Small) monetary prize

- Introduction to our numerous governments and institutions contacts across the world

- A free spot for the team lead in our annual Conference in October in partnership with the French government.

- Winning team will also be invited to pitch their solution on our GBA monthly events. The pitch will be recorded separately and added to the Youtube channel

Are you up to the challenge?



Blockchain Influencer Sally Eaves

Others will be revealed soon


How long will the event lasts?

Will do the first on over one on the 30th of April. We will scale the hackathons over several days over time.

Will Coding be necessary?

Coding will not be mandatory, we will encourage the teams to go as far as possible in the tokenomics and blockchain design to have a robust solution. Any background is welcome to join.

You will need to be comfortable that you can deliver the solution presented if a government is interested. The top 3 teams selected for the crypto dragons den will have a few days to polish their projects.

More coding might be worth doing at this stage as the teams will be on the grill with a panel of highly knowledgeable industry and blockchain influencers.

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A standardised digital identity for individuals


Working together with government agencies, regulators, non-government bodies and trusted institutions, our goal is to ensure everyone has the right to a verified digital identity, improving smart city solutions, individual data privacy, validation of identity on-demand and bringing the opportunity of financial and commercial services to millions who may have previously been deprived of access.


Your identity is the most valuable possession you have. As the world becomes further interconnected and digitalised, the boundaries between what we consider our ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ identity begin to fade, with physical boundaries dissolving. 


VeridenKey provides a verified identity that represents you, in the ‘real’ world and ‘virtual’ world, an identity with the individual in control of their data, authenticated by partners on the decentralised ledger and an digital identity key that cannot be taken away from you.


connecting the centralised with the decentralised


There are three key criteria of a digital identity: security, data privacy and recognition. VeridenKey's goal of implementing a cross-government backed digital identity that serves the individual regardless of background or nationality. 


We have been actively working together with a number of government agencies across three continents, legal advisory bodies and non-government organisations, to ensure validation of the platform and cooperation once operational. 


Our data architecture has been designed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the most comprehensive data privacy regulation to date, while also complying with the SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) portion of the Second Payment Services Directive (Directive (EU) 2015/2366) for proof of ownership. 

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Interoperability with data privacy


We enable trust in our identity structure through transparency, by providing a secure method of proving identity digitally without physical documents or compromising personal data, empowering great projects to achieve the previously impossible. 


The VeridenKey Access mobile application serves as the individual's identity control hub. The app itself has two main functions: an offline data vault storing your personal information and data relationship management. Inside Access, you have the option to connect with other verified users and to be authenticated by partners, giving you full oversight of your personal data exposure. You can also cancel connections at any time, ending the data sharing relationship.


The digital identity can be linked to any off-chain database, integrating seamlessly across various technology stacks through rest APIs, due to the standardised recording and the nature of a public decentralised ledger. VeridenKey's data architecture ensures only 'de-sensitised information' is included in records, providing the required information for identity verification without sharing your personal information publicly.


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